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Plastic processing machinery industry to confront the yield

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With the growing market demand and processing technology matures, plastic recycling began gradually rise in environmental voice in the popular, coupled with demonstrated its value, it is the industry known as "China's plastics industry the last piece of cake . "And demand market mania in stark contrast, in 2013 from January to May, China's total production of plastic processing equipment only 96,100 tons, down by 9.3 percentage points; Among them, the May production of plastic processing equipment 23,800 tons, down 9.6%.。

Again on the part of the regional markets of plastic processing equipment, in addition to Henan, Anhui and Guangdong provinces to achieve a different rate of cumulative growth momentum, the other province (city) accumulated an increase of varying magnitude of decline, especially in Shanghai。

Based on this situation a lot of business people will be confused, multi-stimulation of the plastics processing consumer market has been showing the urgent needs of the product, but why most of the country still shows product yield market downturn trend then?

Kim, chief analyst Luo Baihui mold machinery that continues to evolve in the target consumer market, although needs to be filled, but in the economic level, technology level during its plastics processing equipment required also made new demands. For example, under the theme of energy saving economy, with low energy consumption, low pollution, high efficiency advantage of the device is undoubtedly more favored by users. In short, diversification increasingly prominent feature of this stage in its production can only show a certain period of time corresponding to the industry affected by the extent of the environmental impact both inside and outside the market, or from a certain level of development of the industry trend reflects。

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