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Improve energy saving plastic granulator is very urgent requirement

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Plastic granulating machine is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer bags, handbags, etc.), bags, agricultural convenient bags, pots, buckets, bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc., suitable for most common waste plastic, waste plastic recycling industry is the most versatile and most widely used, most users welcomed the plastics recycling processing machinery。

According to Chinese customs statistics, from January to February 2012, China's total exports of plastic granulator 477 Taiwan up 17.2 percent, the amount of $ 11.2 million rose 82.1%. Imported a total of 28 units over the same period, an increase of 27.3%, $ 12.48 million, down 60.8%.。

In the era of energy saving backdrop, waste plastic recycling cries constantly increasing, the demand for plastic granulator is also increasing. In recent years the global petrochemical industry extraordinarily rapid development of plastic granulator rapid increase in demand, has broad prospects for development. Faced with the grim energy and environmental issues become more and more plastic granulator future large-scale, and the user of the unit's mechanical stability and energy saving requirements are also increasing。

Luo Baihui that reduce 100 million tons of standard coal in energy consumption can be reduced in China more than 64 million tons of CO2 and SO2 emissions, its environmental benefits are clear. Improve energy saving plastic granulator has been very urgent requirement for the transformation of plastic pelletizing systems has become an important issue to be solved。

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