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Tianjin Plastics Exhibition: contrarian plastics market recovery Tianjin escort CIEME

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Throughout the plastics industry, which is one with stocks, oil prices, the domestic economy and international economic linkage relatively strong industries. Plastics industry status quo, and is closely related to the economic environment. Recently, oil prices are down mainly gold, the situation is not optimistic。

With the transition to the post-crisis era, many industries, many industries are recovering slowly. Western and Japanese economy has to pick up the dawn, the potential of China's domestic market is more immeasurable. The current status of the plastics industry in general, but the future can be expected!

According to the American Crane Media Group announced the "2012 annual global rubber machinery report" shows that in 2012 after the financial crisis the world's rubber machinery market growth in the third consecutive year, an increase of 8%. The current global rubber machinery market demand has been fully restored to pre-crisis levels. Rubber machinery supplier confidence in the future, substantial increase in capacity expansion intentions, it is expected rubber machinery market will continue to grow steadily。

Plastic and rubber belong polymer materials, polymer materials are, broadly speaking, plastics including rubber. Rubber industry contrarian back to temperature, stimulating effect on the plastics industry can not be ignored。

Tianjin Plastics Exhibition (abbreviation: CPE) yielded a number of enterprises "camp." Among them, Beijing Hisakatsu funda Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Shi Ming Plastics Co., Ltd., Bo Policy International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Golden Pike Paper Packing Co., Ltd. Ningbo Belt Dragon King St., Zhangjiagang strong plastic machinery Ltd. have also settled. Industry leaders - Haitian, LK, Yin's secret, HSBC Rail, and other famous enterprises have also cast an olive branch to the exhibition。

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